Cigar Rollers, Custom Cigar Bands, Large Guest Lists a Specialty

For guest lists over 500, Cigar knowledgeable staff to serve guests on the night of your Big Event 

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Cigar Servers are Cigar Knowledgeable and equipped to answer any question that your guests may have, CUSTOM CIGAR LABELS ARE DESIGNED FOR YOUR EVENT and ALL CIGARS ARE IMPORTED FOR CF Dominicana's Cigar Catering® in Miami.

Cigar Staffing and custom cigar bands for eventsCigar labels designed for recent cigar eventsCustom cigar bands designed with logos for Miami area corporate eventsWedding cigar labels are a demand for Brides-to-Be

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Cigar Servers are Cigar Knowledgeable and equipped to answer any question that your guests may have.

This enhances the experience of a cigar roller for guests and brings a heightened respect to the entore affair.

Typically, cigar lovers are scrutinizing and want to know what they are smoking so the tobacco, size, construction are all necessary for a server to know. Merely handing out a cigar with just minimal information is not what you want rather, an attractive yet well spoken representative that can add flair to the event is what you need.

Cigar servers work best for Miami events that have larger guest lists to keep the visual of your server “on the floor” longer. Male cigar servers are also available and often called “hosts” to cut cigars, light them and chat along with guests. Cigar Servers work best with cigar rollers when guest lists exceed 500.

The cigar server is a complement to the cigar rollers especially in large areas or outdoor venues where space and distance become an issue. Rather than guests having to seek out the roller on the other side of the location, a cigar server will bring the cigars to your guest and be knowledgeable about the cigars they are serving to answer any questions.

For your South Florida or Miami area events, inquire about the cigar servers and custom cigar bands as an addition to the cigar rolling demonstration, both are great ways to elevate the entire event.

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Cigar rollers as they appear at cigar roller events